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Training Costs


1 session per week £16

2 sessions per week £28

3 sessions per week £34

4+ sessions per week £38


•Development of stroke drills

•Develop stroke technique on all strokes

•Drill progressions learnt

•Medley swimming sets 100-200m repeats

•Transitions on medley turns

•Free aerobic sets 50-800m repeats

•Be able to demonstrate an understanding of 'easy speed' on basic speed sets

•Basic recording of information on 1-2 sets per week and feeding back to coaching staff

•Show improvement & understanding on all starts, turns & finishes

•Use pace clock well for starting sets, repeats & evaluating pace

•Be able to vary pace by Building, reducing, negative splitting & even pace swimming

•Rules of sport

•Gradually increase distance covered per unit & per week for endurance gains

•Participate in all team events and planned competitions on annual plan

•Be part of goal setting process with coaching staff

•Develop ability on land by learning basic stretching, body weight exercises & core

•Show knowledge of how to use a thera-band for injury prevention work

•Take responsibility for having & using own equipment


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