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The club operates under British Swimming rules and maintains policies related to all areas of governance. To understand the operation of the club and the principles that all members including coaches, committee members, poolside helpers, swimmers and parents abide by. We recommend that all members read these documents and keep copies.  Further information can be found by clicking the Wavepower logo.


We endeavour to keep these documents up to date however if in doubt please check the Swim England club resource webpage here.


British Swimming Wavepower 2016 - 2019


Section 1:   Safeguarding policy, Key definitions and abbreviations


Section 2:   Abuse, Duty of Care and Reporting Process, Training and Recruitment, Codes of Conduct, Policies, Procedures and



Section 3:  Child Safeguarding Responsibilities


Section 4:  Guidance for Coaches,Teachers and Poolside Helpers


Section 5: Templates, Forms and Checklists


Section 6:   Index


Child Power Leaflet


British Swimming


Swim England Handbook 2019


Membership Categories


ASA Meet Levels


ASA Data Protection Notice




British swimming wavepower logo and link the the British swimming safeguarding website, Wavepower.

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