Blackpool Borough Council works in partnership with Blackpool Aquatics Amateur Swimming Club (BAASC) to deliver a nationally recognised Competitive Swimming Programme.


We are proud of the commitment to giving every swimmer in the club the opportunity to achieve their potential.


Swimmers training is provided by the club and structured to ensure that activities are appropriate for the age, ability and aspiration of the swimmer. All training is based on Long-Term development principles with specifically designed programmes for disabled and masters swimmers.


BAASC is a voluntary organisation whose committee is made up from parents of current and former swimmers. BAASC supports the development of the Competitive Swimming Programme and provides the opportunity for swimmers to race. The partnership between Blackpool Borough Council and BAASC has contributed to swimmers achieving medals at all levels from County through to International.


Competitive swimming is an exciting team and individual sport that requires extensive skill development. Training develops physical fitness, teaches children to strive for physical achievement and promotes discipline and goal orientation. To progress through the Competitive Swimming Programme, swimmers need to demonstrate specific CORE values. We hope that this will encourage swimmers to think beyond their next race and continue to enjoy the sport for many years to come.

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