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Coaching and Fees:


Membership fee of the Blackpool Aquatics ASC [BATS] is £25.00 per annum [or £10 if you are already a member of another ASA Swimming Club].

You pay £5.00 Triathlon fee by monthly standing order to Blackpool Aquatics Triathlon Squad at Account Number 28690060. Sort Code 01-03-33.

You also need to pay for your swim session fees to Blackpool Åguatics Account Number 07035804. sort code 09-01-51.

The aquatics swim fees are £16 per month for 1 swim session per week, £28 per month for 2 swim session per week, £34 per month for 3 swim session per week, £40 per month for 4 swim session per week

More swimming sessions are available during the week for both Juniors and Adults at Palatine and Moor Park swimming pools: Please see session times at  Join us on a Saturday for a no obligation triathlon session to 'try it out'. You need a bike in good working order, with two working brakes and CE approved cycle helmet. We have limited numbers of road bikes available of different sizes.



If you are leaving a child in our care then you must also make sure you sign the register and provide your mobile telephone number. You must also arrive back by 10.30am in the event the session finishes early



Please note that everyone takes part at their own risk.  Club Affiliation Insurance does not provide members with 'fully comprehensive' insurance cover when training or competing in events. If members want their own personal insurance cover, they must purchase this from Triathlon England and at a discount as a BATS / Aquatics member.


BATS Club kit:

BATS’ Club kit may be purchased by members direct from our supplier following the opening of a purchase order on the Supplier web site. The BATS clothing is listed on our web site


BATS Social Media:

BATS reserves the right to limit or extend BATS social media membership as the BATS thinks fit. BATS social media sites are not to be used as a forum to state 'opinion' or to criticise any other BATS members and/or coaches in any way.


Swimming Pool training code of conduct:

You must be able to swim front crawl, breaststroke, back stroke or butterfly a distance of 100 metres without stopping

      1. You must register your name on the registration list before entering the water

      2. Lane swimming is in circuits either clockwise or anti clockwise and always a circuit opposite to the lane(s) adjacent to your lane.

      3. Swimmers must generally leave a 3 - 5 second gap between swimmers

      4. Swimmers who wish to overtake the person in front should tap the foot of the leading person who should then allow the rear swimmer

          to pass.

      5. Never jump or dive into the Lane if swimmers are within the red marker area and always follow the instructions of the lane coach


BATS Indoor Cycling sessions:

Participants must be over 11 years old to take part in Spinning sessions


North West Junior Series:

Juniors ages 8 yrs [on 31 December] until 19 yrs may compete in the North West Junior Series Triathlon events. These include Aquathons [swim & run], Duathlons [bike & run] as well as Triathlons [swim, bike & run]. The events take place on Sundays commencing March and ending in September. Participants can compete in as many events as they want but their best 6 races will count [of which 3 races must be triathlons] for the Grand Prix leaders table published on fsee North West Junior Series]. Top 5 in each category are awarded prizes at the Annual awards.


Inter Regional Competition [IRC]:

Participants may be selected to represent the North West region at the Inter Regional Competition [IRC] which is held annually between all the regions.



Code Of Conduct here


Consent Form here


Full document here


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